Wheat-licious Meat

Wheat-licious meat is a “wheat meat” made from vital wheat gluten. It’s super high in protein, low in fat, and has a texture similar to meat. It’s a great substitute for meat, fish, or chicken.

Wheat-licious: Where Taste Meets Nutrition

Discover the versatile and delicious world of wheat meat, order with us now.

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Wheat-licious Meat with beef taste

Satisfy your craving with Wheat-licious Meat with beef taste, made from vital wheat gluten and seasoned to evoke the rich, savory flavor of beef.

Wheat-licious Meat with Chicken taste

These savory cutlets are crafted from vital wheat gluten and seasoned to perfection to mimic the taste and texture of traditional chicken.

Embrace the power of Wheat-licious meat for a healthier you!

Try it today and taste the difference!

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