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Pacific Star's shingles are Silent House Good Habits Filmworks and The World's Last Picture Show. Heather was hired as a director by Warner Bros Pictures 16 November 2019.

Our Direction

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Original Content Only

We produce all-original content the classic way, and our studios and productions adhere to the Hays Code and to Golden Age of Hollywood mores, customs and bylaws.

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No Controversial Content

We produce films and television that carry audiences away from present-day concerns to a world of cinematic imagination all viewers can enjoy. Story comes first. Story comes middle. Story comes end. Story is King.

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An Analog Approach

While conscious of and open to digital, we embrace the strengths of analog production.

Heather Ferreira, founder of World's Last Picture Show productions, is an NYU alumnus.

She earned a 4.1 GPA while there. Contact the NYU Registrar for an Albert transcript.


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