Feb. 17, 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama, accompanied by members of Congress and middle school children, waves as he talks on the phone from the Roosevelt Room of the White House to astronauts on the International Space Station.

Exploring AI in Global Politics

Discover the impact of AI on political campaigns, debates, and elections worldwide.

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The dredge in action. Fish, scallops, crabs, starfish, and trash are sorted into baskets and buckets, then taken into the wet lab where they are measured and weighed.

Ethical AI Guidelines Development

Developing ethical guidelines for the use of AI in political scenarios.

grayscale photo of rally

Protest Monitoring System

Monitoring and analyzing protests using AI technology for insights.

"Change the politics, not the climate!" 
A sign made by kids during the Friday's for future climate strike at the Helsinki Parliament in April 2019.

Global AI Politics Case Studies

Curating case studies on AI use in politics worldwide for informative analysis.

Empowering ethical AI in political landscapes.

Join us in shaping a better future!

Explore the Intersection of AI and Politics with Us

Schedule a session to dive deeper into the ethical use of AI in political scenarios.


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