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Close-up of light wooden game pieces on a board with a soft focus, giving a warm, intimate feel to the tabletop game setting.

Bricklaying Services

Expert bricklaying services for residential and commercial projects.
I’ve been taking photos for my Project365 and whilst living in a suburb in London, a lot of the houses look the same and there doesn’t happen to be too many interesting things around. Walking back home one day I stumbled across this house that stood out to me as it looked so visually different. The trees, leaves and ivy that surround the house really captured my eyes. I loved the little details such as the plant pots next to the vintage looking windows and the small white chair in the front garden. I just had to take a photo and make sure to include the car as it makes the photo.

Property Maintenance

Comprehensive property maintenance services to keep your property in top condition.
photo of brown wooden door closed

Appeal Restoration

Specialized appeal restoration services to enhance the look of your property.

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