Simplify DevOps for MultiCloud

ZeroFrame's AI agents make effortless multi-cloud possible. Our autonomous agents streamline DevOps processes, are the source of truth for state across clouds, and empowers engineers to compose the best services from each cloud.

Our AI Agents

Orb of power

Self-Healing Cloud

Autonomous agents monitor your environments in real-time and proactively address issues with PRs for fixes, tests, and docs.
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Focus on Development

Proactive agents predict faults, harden systems, and respond when something unexpected does happen, all with full observability.
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Best of Multi-Cloud and PaaS

Choose the services you prefer from each cloud vendor to build you ideal environment, with a clean PaaS experience on top.

Seamless multi-cloud application management that unlocks the true potential of DevOps.

Autonomous AI agents that understand causality, intent and state, and act on your behalf.

Connect with us to experience the power of autonomous AI agents in managing your multi-cloud applications.

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