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Embark on a spiritual journey and deepen your understanding of the Quran with our comprehensive online courses. At Quran ZEN, we are dedicated to providing a best learning experience through personalized instruction in Quranic recitation & memorization.

About Us

Quran ZEN is a team of expert Quranic teachers who passionately share the beauty of Quran.

Courses We Offer

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Noorani Qaida

Embark on your Quranic learning journey with our Noorani Qaida course, your first step towards fluent Quranic recitation.

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Quran Tajweed Course

Dive into the art of Tajweed and discover the profound beauty in each verse through our expert-led Tajweed course.

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Quran Memorization Hifz

Join our Hifz course to internalize the Quran’s timeless wisdom and nurture a lifelong bond with its sacred verses.

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Basic Arabic Language

Unveil the essence of the Quran’s language with our Basic Arabic course, designed to bridge the gap between you and the original texts.

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Basic Arabic Grammar

Delve into the depths of Arabic grammar and gain a solid understanding of the essential rules that structure sentences.

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Basic Islamic Studies

Explore the rich tapestry of Islamic history, ethics, and principles with our comprehensive Islamic Studies course.

Why Choose Quran ZEN?

For experienced tutors, flexible timings, and interactive education.


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